About Me

Welcome to my e-portfolio!

As a linguistic anthropologist and applied researcher, I am driven by pressing matters of public interest, and thrive when working with complex social issues on the ground. I’m fascinated by the interplay of language and politics, especially as it impacts immigrants and communities of color in urban US settings.  Whether it’s looking at narrative as an organizing tool in a Web3.0 context, positioning-based analysis to understanding how a politician strategically avoids answering a question, or the politics of hate speech in media contexts, I have found the applications of (socio)linguistics are boundless.

In May 2012, I received an MA in Linguistics, Language and Communication from Georgetown University, where I’ve focused on anti-immigrant discourse in the public sphere and the use of digital discourse to mobilize (political) action.  I also received a BA in Anthropology and Hispanic Studies from Oberlin College (’08).  My training has given me a range of analytic perspectives, including critical theory, ethnography, discourse analysis, intercultural communication.

I have 5+ years of non-profit experience in Washington, DC, including work for the DC Language Access Coalition, a group of 40 community organizations working to improve language services for the District’s LEP/NEP community.  As the Housing Committee chair, my primary role was facilitating the campaigns of the coalition, like advocating for changes in policy to better protect and safeguard the rights of language minorities who encountered barriers to fair and affordable housing in the District.  Internships include positions with the Equal Rights Center, the DC Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs, and the Smithsonian Institute (Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage).

Along the way I have gained professional training in radio broadcast, community interpretingdocumentary film, and popular education.  On weekends, you can find me working with the media collective GrassrootsDC based out of Potomac Gardens, getting into urban gardening projects, or working on my next story for Free Speech Radio News as a DC correspondent.  I was born and raised in the District of Columbia.

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