Media Mentions

Vince Gray, Language Law Scofflaw?” Washington City Paper (July 2013)

Putting Substance Over Spectacle to Help DC Residents Understand the Market,” Washington City Paper (June 2010)


During my junior year of college in 2007, I returned to DC from Oberlin where I interned with the office of then-Mayor Adrian Fenty.  Rotating between various executive offices, I learned about and became interested in DC’s language access program through the Office on Latino Affairs.  After graduation in 2008, I continued working with OLA’s language access department, gaining skills and competencies in compliance monitoring, testing methodologies and Title XI of the Civil Rights Act.  In 2010 I was brought on to work for the DC Language Access Coalition, a group of 40+ community organizations advocating for equal access to government services for LEP/NEP residents and workers in the District.  I served as Housing Program Coordinator and chaired the Housing Committee in a policy advocacy role (staff photo from 2011 below).

As a graduate student I completed an intensive internship with the Equal Rights Center (ERC), where I learned more about designing testing methodology to determine the presence of violations of Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968 (Fair Housing Act) in housing.  I also worked with the Immigrant Rights Program at the ERC and Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs to provide support in cases of national origin and deaf/blind discrimination.

After graduation, I hope to return to the world of advocacy in a research, communication(s), or programmatic capacity where I can apply my skills as an anthropologist and linguist for positive social change.

For more information, please refer to my resume here and thanks for browsing!

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