Independent Journalism

“The mission of Grassroots DC is to provide media production training to low-income and working-class residents of the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and those who advocate on their behalf, and also to provide media coverage of issues that impact the underserved communities of the District of Columbia.”

Living Wage Bill Mixtape,” (9/10/13)

Communities United for Immigrant Rights,” (8/19/2013)

“Mayor Gray Must Understand, Our Language is Our Right,” (7/27/2013)

“A Lesson in Systemic Racism, Part II: ALEC, School Closures, and the School-to-Prison Pipeline,” (7/23/2013)

That’s How You Win Campaigns: What DC’s Progressive Community Did Right in the Final Legislative Session of 2013,” (7/15/2013)

“Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship (PRAC), which operates as Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and is not organized for the private gain of any person.  It is organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public purposes.

FSRN’s mission is to provide factual reports on important international and domestic news stories neglected or suppressed by the corporate press. We promote cultural diversity, human rights, and pluralistic community expression.  Our stories amplify the voices of those ignored and unheard.

FSRN operates in a decentralized, collective manner and is controlled by its members.  We promote and defend global press freedom and all forms of grassroots-supported media.  We place a priority on direct participants and first-person narratives, and refuse funding from any source that attempts to influence factual reporting.”

Fair housing groups add to discrimination complaint against Bank of America,” (9/25/2013)

Activists call for increased transparency in Trans Pacific Partnership trade negotiations,” (9/20/2013)

#NoMoreNames Bus Tour rallies for gun control legislation on the heels of Navy Yard shooting,” (9/19/2013)

DC Council passes emergency tax lien relief bill after newspaper investigation,” (9/18/2013)

DC Mayor vetoes living wage ordinance,” (9/12/2013)

DC wants to cast ballot in any congressional vote on military action in Syria,” (9/9/2013)

Activists call for closure of Guantanamo, end to force feedings,” (9/6/2013)

Wal-Mart workers protest retaliation across the United States,” (9/5/2013)

As March on Washington marks 50 years, youth call for equality and justice in ongoing struggle,” (8/26/2013)

Local DC activists draw attention to racial profiling, incarceration ahead of March on Washington anniversary,” (8/23/2013)

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