Methods: Discourse analysis, interactional sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, narrative analysis, ethnography of communication, multimodality, social network analysis, computer-mediated discourse analysis, mediated discourse/nexus analysis, visual semiotics, linguistic landscapes, frame analysis and critical discourse analysis.

Themes: Identity construction, Latinidad, narratives for social change, DC politics, social movements, linguistic profiling and discrimination, discourses of racism and hate speech, language access, language ideologies, political/public discourse, digital discourse, satire.

Coursework-inspired research projects and term papers (to get a sense):

Applying cross-cultural conversation analysis to language policy in Washington, DC
(Multimodal Interaction in Cross-cultural Perspective | Dr. Mark Sicoli | Fall 2012)

“Dear President:” A case study of virtual letters by DC immigrant youth
(Language and Social Media | Dr. Anna Trester | Fall 2012)

“How do you say Latino?” Lexical souvenirs, voiced dental fricative fortition, and Latin@ identity in Washington, DC (Sociolinguistic Variation | Dr. Natalie Schilling | Spring 2012)

Dirty Asians and the problem with Filipino nurses: The ripple effect of racist discourse in the public sphere
(Intercultural Communication | Dr. Cecilia Castillo Ayometzi | Spring 2012). PDF available here

“Can I Finish?’ Positioning Theory and the ‘management of interactional resistance’ in a politically adversarial encounter” (Institutional Discourse | Dr. Heidi Hamilton | Fall 2011)

“‘Now I feel like I’ve finally made it:’ Identity construction and transformation in ‘coming out undocumented’ narratives” (Discourse Analysis: Narrative | Dr. Deborah Schiffrin | Fall 2011)

“Constructing bilingual, hyphenated identities in discourse through constructed dialogue, positioning, and stance taking” (Discourse Analysis: Conversation | Dr. Heidi Hamilton | Spring 2011)

“Puppetista Movement: (Re)imagining and (re)claiming the public space through subversively comedic theater” (Pragmatics of Humor | Dr. Otto Santa Ana | Spring 2011)

“Language attitudes about Salvadoran, Dominican, and Guatemalan Spanish in DC”
(Principles of Linguistics | Dr. Naomi Baron| Spring 2011)

“Discourses and linguistic ideologies of identity, language and politics among Oberlin bi/multilinguals”
(BA Honors Thesis | Spring 2008 | Advisor: Dr. Valentina Pagliai)

And get in touch if the spirit moves you!



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