Georgetown University, 2012
M.A. Linguistics, Language and Communication 

The M.A. in Language and Communication (MLC) is a professionally-oriented program within the Linguistics Department at Georgetown University. This program cultivates strong research and analytical abilities in sociolinguistics, specifically discourse analysis (i.e. narrative analysis and cross cultural communication), ethnography, and pragmatics. It has been designed to link theory to practice in a range of professional fields.

Coursework includes:

  • Discourse Analysis (Conversation and Narrative)
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Sociolinguistic Variation
  • Institutional Discourse
  • Pragmatics of Humor and Racism
  • Language and New Media
  • Multimodal Interaction in Cross-cultural Perspective

For more information on the MLC program and Linguistics at Georgetown more generally, see here. Find my bio in the Alumni section!

Oberlin College, 2008 
B.A. Anthropology, with Honors 

As a liberal arts college with a progressive political history, Oberlin gave me the opportunity to explore a wide variety of disciplines while staying true to my passions and values. Though was one class short of a double major in Hispanic Studies (and minored in History), Linguistic Anthropology proved to be my niche.

Perhaps the biggest impact Oberlin imparted was the exposure to critical theory and post-modern/post-colonial scholarship.  During my senior year, I turned my experience working with an under-funded ESL program at the local public schools into an Honors thesis and yearlong original research project.

Continuing Education

Fall 2013: Social Network Analysis | U-Michigan I-School | Dr. Lada Adamic

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